Lamp Phantasma (CD / Vinyl) 2008 / ランプ幻想

by Lamp

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This band has produced a record that seems to rise above all other contemporaries. When you listen to this and their other records you feel like you are transported to blissful fantasy world that transcends language, convention and time. It's so beautiful that you never wish to leave it. Highly recommended.
  • Japanese Edition Compact Disc
    Compact Disc (CD)

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  • Re-Press 12 inch Vinyl

    SIDE A
    1. 儚き春の一幕
    2. 密やかに
    3. 夕暮れ
    4. 雨降る夜の向こう
    5. ゆめうつつ

    SIDE B
    1. 白昼夢
    2. 日本少年の夏
    3. 二十歳の恋
    4. 冬の影は哀しみ
    5. ヱンド・オブ・ア・ホリデヰ
    6. ア・サマア・バケイション


    Sold Out


1. 儚き春の一幕 / Act One Of A Fleeting Spring
2. 密やかに / In Stillness
3. 夕暮れ / Twilight
4. 雨降る夜の向こう / The Other Side Of A Rainy Night
5. ゆめうつつ / Half Asleep
6. 白昼夢 / Daydream
7. 日本少年の夏 / The Summer Of A Japanese Boy
8. 二十歳の恋 / Cherry Blossom Love
9. 冬の影は哀しみ / Sorrow Of Winter
10. ヱンド・オブ・ア・ホリデヰ / End Of A Holiday
11. ア・サマア・バケイション / A Summer Vacation



released December 3, 2008



Botanical House Tokyo, Japan

Lamp Japanese Band

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